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WONDER DAWGS and the Homecoming Parade

This week is a big week for our WONDER DAWGS and TOP DAWGS.  They are eligible to participate in the PTO’s float at the parade.  For kids who raised $200 or more, you should have received an email about the parade details by now with a request for RSVP.  If you did not receive this email, please contact Alyssa Simpson at (217)621-0416 or

TOP DAWGS and Lead DAWGS Announced

All of our kids have worked so hard and we have been busy finalizing our counting.  To date, the kids have raised over $87,000.  Amazing job on the part of all of our students and parents!  What a generous community we have!

Our Top DAWGS (top girl and boy earners) this year are: (these 4 students raised over $2,600 themselves!)

Ivy Carrington

Ella Drone

Brogan Hennesy

Kelton Hennesy

Our Lead DAWGS – the students who raised the most money in their grade level:

5th Grade – Ivy Carrington and Ella Drone

4th Grade – Brogan Hennesy

3rd Grade – Sam Hibbs

2nd Grade – Kelton Hennesy

1st Grade – Kate Barker

Kindergarten – Noah Beagle

Thank you to all of you for a wonderful fundraising year!  We have our celebrations coming up and you will find more details to come!

Finalizing your DAWG Walk Donation

Hello!  DAWG Walk envelopes are due on WEDNESDAY 9/9/2015.

To finalize your donation envelope, you need to:

  1. Complete your online registration by updating your cash/checks total
  2. Print your Final Donation Sheet
  3. Include your Final Donation Sheet and include it in your envelope with your donations

We have created a short video with instructions on how to finalize your donation form and turn in your envelope correctly.  Following these steps will ensure your child receives all of the prizes they have earned.


If you have misplaced your envelope, below is a link to a page you can print and add to your donation in another envelope.  This will work if you:

  1. Complete your online registration page and print it to enclose with your donation and this page
  2. Print this page and fill it out and include it with your donation and final online print out Envelope Side 1 for Printing
  3. Add all of this plus your donations to a large CLEARLY MARKED envelope and turn that in.  Please make sure it is obvious that this is your DAWG Walk envelope so teachers know to get it turned in with the other envelopes.

M-S PTO Sponsorship Information

Are you a local company that would like to donate?

Please take a look at our sponsorship opportunities; all the details and instructions for donating as a sponsor are described in our Sponsorship Opportunity Information sheet.  If you would like to become a sponsor, please feel free to fill out the paperwork and send in your donation.

Please also let us know at or so that we are sure to get all the information we need from you, including your logo so we can publicly thank you for your donation!

For more details please take a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities information sheet.