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DAWG Walk Top DAWGs and Totals!

As we wrap up Dawg Walk Collection we want to say a huge THANK YOU for your support.

As of today we have raised $90,000!!!  These donations will make a huge impact for the schools!

Our Lead Dawgs are:

Kindergarten – Norelle Eilts – $565

1st Grade – Carter Dial – $550

2nd Grade – Jaycee Fancher – $327

3rd Grade – Addy Reigart – $425

4th Grade – Sydney Carleton – $550

5th Grade – Brogan Hennesy – $365

Our Top Dawgs are:

Norelle Eilts – Kindergarten – $565

Caleb Knox – Kindergarten – $563


We want to thank everyone for their efforts in making the Dawg Walk a huge success!

If you still have an envelope you would like to turn in, please e-mail