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Dawg Walk 2018 Donation Wrap Up

Greetings, bulldog parents. The Dawg Walk fundraising period is wrapping up and once again our students and families have done an incredible job! Envelopes are due today (Monday, Sept. 10), but do not panic if your student did not hand in their envelope. Please have them bring it in tomorrow. We must order all prizes by Friday, so any envelopes that have not been received by then will not count toward Dawg Walk prizes.

If you’d like to completely forgo the envelope, please keep the donations your child has gathered and make a donation online on the Dawg Walk website for the amount they have raised instead. This makes counting much easier for us and hopefully makes things less complicated for you.

Please make sure you double check your student’s prize selections on their Dawg Walk page. You must first sign in to see and change this information. If the prize selections are blank, then please change them to the choices your child would like.

Finally, if you have any problems or questions about donations, don’t hesitate to email!

Ken Keefe
Dawg Walk Chair

Important Dawg Walk Info

The Mahomet-Seymour PTO’s Dawg Walk fundraiser is in full swing and we wanted to share a few important messages about the fundraiser.

If you have not already, please register your students on the Dawg Walk website as soon as possible. Even if you don’t intend to collect any online donations, creating a donation page and selecting your child’s prize choices is extremely helpful to ensure that your child gets the prizes that they desire. Visit to register your student.

You can check your student’s fundraising progress at any time by (1) signing into the Dawg Walk website and (2) viewing the bottom of your student’s donation page. Below your student’s donation form, there is a section for entering how much cash or check donations they’ve received, a listing of every online donation received with contact information of their donors, and your student’s registration information (teacher, prize choices, etc.). This material below the donation form is only visible when you are signed in.

If your child has changed their mind about prize choices, they can easily be changed at the bottom of their donation page (once you have signed in). These can be changed up until the end of the Dawg Walk on September 10th, so please make changes by then. If you do not see your child’s prize choices displayed, please enter them using that form. Some users prize choices were not captured during registration.

Finally, if you need any help with any part of the Dawg Walk website, please contact

Thank you and happy fundraising!